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Cnc Slant Bed Lathe Machine TCK50A/1500

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TCK50A *1500mm cnc lathe is our new type, powerful but price is very competitive, if you are looking for a slant bed cnc, it will be your choice.


Slant Bed Cnc Lathe Machine TCK50Ax1500mm


This TCK series of machine tools is the hot-selling export of the company, compact structure, beautiful appearance, large spindle torque, high rigidity, stable and reliable performance, excellent precision retention.
  1. Adopts 45° overall inclined bed body structure, equipped with high-precision preload Taiwan straight-line rolling guide rail. The machine tool has high position accuracy, smooth debris discharge, suitable for high speed and high precision machining.
  2. Adopts high-precision spindle bearing group with precision assembly and dynamic balance test to ensure high spindle accuracy, low noise and strong rigidity.
  3. Choose the knife tower mode, fast knife replacement speed & high positioning accuracy.
  4. In the X and Z direction feed, the servo motor is directly connected to the wire through a large torque and low inertia elastic coupling to ensure positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy.
  5. Adopts advanced centralized automatic lubrication device, regular and quantitative automatic intermittent lubrication, stable and reliable work.
  6. Domestic hydraulic dial is used.
  7. The hydraulic tail seat is processed by manually adjusting the locking and the hydraulic piston top workparts
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