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SMC600 CNC Machining Center

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Main Motor Power: 5.5kw

Worktable Size: 800*320mm

Travel(X/Y/Z): 600*400*450mm

Positioning Accuracy: 0.02mm

Repeated positioning accuracy: 0.01mm


Sumore !!! Siemens 828D/HNC/Heidenhain/GSK/FANUC 5 Axis 4 Axis 3 Axis CNC Machining Center SMC600 800x320mm Worktable High Accuracy Small VMC Model CNC Machining Center Vertical CNC Machine Center For Sale

As one new product of independent design & development, VMC600 is a multi-purpose machine which could mill surface & drill holes. This machine adopts domestic/overseas branded numerical control system and realizes full-screen edition in Chinese. Spindle adopts imported frequency converters, which could fulfill variable speed control & constant linear speed cutting functions; machining body adopts ultrasonic frequency hardening treatment; both X-axle & Z-axle adopts step/servo motor, which could process feeding motion by directly connecting shaft coupling & ball screws. With high power, pleasant rigidity, high precision & storage, high price-quality ratio and long cycle life. This machine could process holes below 16, milling plane below 18 and milling depth below 3mm.
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Full extension soft closing slides with soft closing mechanism

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