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SP2115 Flat Bed CNC Lathe

Quick Details

Max Swing Over Bed: 360mm

Max Work Piece Length: 500/750/1000 mm

Spindle Power: 4kw

Spindle bore: 40mm


Sumore !!! Educational training cnc lathe machine price list with high quality SP2115 cnc lathe with Siemens 828D/GSK/FANU Control System for sale

Headman china cnc wheel lathe cutting machine SP2115 is light industrial cnc lathe machine is for job work, it’s quite competitive in the market. It is made in China but it has the same quality as made in German cnc lathe machine.
Features of SP2115:
1. Engineers from high grade castings.
2. The lathe bed is made of heavy casting. It has gone through at least twice aging quality tests and ultrasonic frequency quenching.
3. Induction hardened bed.
4. The cutting tools carrier is equipped with 4-station, or 6-stations tool holder.
5. All machines have to pass the checklist of the machine precision before shipment
6.The machine can process precisely internal or external diameter, face, taper, arc and threading with high efficiency
7. Electric turret and gang-tools turret can be both installed.
8. Fully enclosed protective cover.
Swing over Bed
360 mm
Swing over Carriage
150 mm
Rail width
Spindle nose
Spindle Taper
Spindle Bore
40 mm
Spindle Speed
150 – 2,500 rpm
Max. length of workpiece
500/750/1000 mm
X-axis travel
Z-axis travel
500/750/1000 mm
X-axis rapid traverse
Z-axis rapid traverse
Chuck diameter
Tool station number
4/6 or tool array
Max. section of tool
20×20 or 16×16
External diameter of tailstock sleeve
Tailstock sleeve taper
Tailstock sleeve travel
100 mm
Coolant pump motor power
Main motor Power
Voltage and Frequency
Packing Size (LxWxH)
1805/2120/2324 x 1315 x 1930 mm
Net Weight
800/900/1050 Kg
Gross Weight
950/1100/1300 Kg
mini cnc lathe
Sumore CNC Lathe SP2115 heritages outstanding base construction idea, only utilizing integral bed structure which is comprises of high rigidity cast iron lubricated by high grade grease, along with multiple lengths of quenched guide ways. Meanwhile, high precision ball screw and bearings are being used for extremely high quality axes to achieve smooth movement and accurate restoration.Spindle, chuck and tailstock are also with nice quality and various tapers, still, multiple positions tool posts are reliable and efficient as always.A centralized easy & friendlymachine operating panel is not only creating an easier way for programming, but also bringing technicians convenience and enjoyment.Common programming systems with the most advanced technologies are all available including MACH / GSK / SIEMENS / FANUC programming systems, allowing our customers to accomplish various purposes during their metalworking. At the same time, a full closure cover design and cabinet door opening system and considerable safety signs will certainly erase all potential hazards. All strictly approved by CE certificate, SGS authentication and Chinese national standards. Sumore CNC Lathe significantly improves the efficiency during all lathe working processes, such as, turning endface, taper or screws, spherical, external & internal cylindrical surfaces, and even for multitool turning missions. Especially when mass production is required, Sumore CNC Lathe will easily achieve both appreciable efficiency and impressive quality.
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