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SP2141-I/II Gear Head Lathe

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Swing Over Bed: 510/560mm

Center Distance: 1000/1500/2000mm

Spindle Bore: 80/103mm

Motor Power: 7.5KW


Torno 510/560mm Swing Lathe Machine SP2141-I/II Horizontal Precision Manual Lathe SUMORE Tornos Para Metal Chinese Parallel Lathe 350mm Width of Bed 1000/1500/2000/3000mm Center Horizontal Manual Metal Lathe SUMORE Tornos!!!

SP2124-I/II Gear Head Lathe is universal lathe machine with strong function. This manual lathe machine is with 80/103mm spindle bore.

Main specification of lathe machine is as below: 1.The spindle bore is supported with precision roller bearings 2.Large flat structure, fine appearance. 3.Removable gap is provided for larger diameter work and easy operating gear box can be various feeds and thread cutting. 4.An overload safety device is designed on the apron. 5.Easy operating speed change levers.  
Model SP2141-I SP2141-II
Max.swing over bed 510mm 560mm
Max.swing over cross slide 305mm 355mm
Width of bed 350mm 350mm
Max.swing over gap 735mm 785mm
Length of gap 200mm
Spindle nose


Spindle bore

80mm or 103mm

Taper bore of spindle

No.7 Morse(p113 (1:20)

Steps of spindle speed 12 changes 25-1600r/min/25-1500r/min
Metric threads 47 kinds 0.2-14mm
Imperial threads 60 kinds, 2-112TPI
Module threads 34 kinds, 0.1-7MP
Range of longitudinal feeds 35 kinds,0.059-1.646mm/rev
Range of cross feeds 35 kinds,0.020-0.573mm/rev
Dia.of tailstock sleeve 75mm
Travel of tailstock sleeve 180mm
Taper of tailstock sleeve No.5 Morse
Size of tool shank 25x25mm
Max travel of cross slide 326mm
Max.travel of compound rest 130mm
Main motor power 7.5kw
Overall dimensions(LxWxH) 2400/2850/3350/3700/4350x1150x1460mm
Packing size(LxWxH) 2450/2900/3400/3750/4400x1150x1740mm
Net weight 2150/2270/2530/2610/2930kg 2290/2410/2670/2750/3070kg 2300/2420/2680/2760/3080kg
Gross weight 2530/2660/2930/3020/341 Okg 2670/2800/3070/3160/3550kg 2680/2810/3080/3170/3560kg
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Full extension soft closing slides with soft closing mechanism

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