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SP2147 I/II/III/IV Gear Head Lathe

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Swing Over Bed: 1000/1250/1400/1600mm

Center Distance: 1.5/2/3/4/5/6/8/10/12m

Motor Power: 22KW


Cheap 1.5M-12M center lathe SP2147 metal turning lathe horizontal type heavy duty lathe machine 3000mm swing diameter 1500mm not vertical not second hand manual lathe machine Sumore

* Exceptional SUMORE Quality * Individual Accuracy Test with Each Machine * High Rigid Construction * Industrial Level Accuracy * Large Range and Variable Spindle Speeds * Digital Readout Device Optional * Different Worktable Length Optional * Considerable Safety Design * CE & SGS & ISO System Certifications
Model SP2147-I/II/III/IV
Swing over Bed 100/1250/1400/1600 mm
Swing over Cross Slide 620/870/1000/1200 mm
Swing over Gap 1300/1550/1700/1900 mm
Valid length of gap 450mm
Distance Between Centers 1.5/2/3/4/5/6/8/10/12m
Width of Bed 780 mm
Spindle Bore 130 mm
Spindle Taper 1:2 Φ120 mm (140mm optional)
Range of Spindle Speeds forward 21 kinds, reverse 12 kinds
Metric threads range(kinds) 1-120mm(44 kinds)
Inch threads rangs(Kinds) 1/4-24 inch(31 kinds)
Moudle threads range(kinds) 0.5-60mm(45 kinds)
Diametral threads range(kinds) 1/2-56DP(38 kinds)
Longtudinal feeds range(kinds) 0.1-12mm (56 kinds)
Cross feed range(kinds) 0.05-6mm (56 kinds)
Rapid feed:Long./Cross 4/2m/min
Leadscrew size:Diameter/Pitch 3400mm/min, 1700mm/min
Cross slide travel 650 mm
Compound rest travel 280 mm
Tool section 45*45 mm
Spindle diameter 160 mm
Spindle taper Metric 80#
Spindle travel 300 mm
Main drive motor 22kw
Coolant pump motor 0.15kw
Rapid feed motor 1.5kw

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Full extension soft closing slides with soft closing mechanism

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