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SP3125 Radial Drilling Machine

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Radial drilling machine SP3125 is easy to use, with 32mm drilling diameter, 200mm column diameter, MT4 spindle taper, 1.5kw.


SP3125 medium size radial drilling milling machine not used radial drill 

Mechanical SP3125 Radial Drilling Machine High Speed Industrial Radial Drilling Machine With 1.5/2.2 kw Power SP3125 radial drilling machine is one of our most economic and durable machines. The main features are as below: 1. Radial drilling machine is provided with hydraulic presetting speed shift mechanism to save auxiliary time. 2.It only needs one handle to operate clockwise rotation, stop (brake), variable speed and neutral gear conveniently. 3. Spindle box, rocker arm, inner and outer posts are reliably clamped by hydraulic diamond clamping mechanism. 4. Perfect safety protector and outer post protection are available. 5. In design and production of structure, it further adopts a series of effective measures to prolong precision durability and lifespan of whole machine. 6. Its electrical equipment completely contributes to personal safety, reliability, long service life and convenient maintenance.   SP3125 SP3125 SP3125
Technical Data
Model SP3125
Max. drilling diameter 32mm
Column diameter 200mm
Distance spindle nose and table surface 330~1060mm
Distance between spindle axis and column 200~910mm
Spindle tavel 120mm
Spindle taper MT4
Range of spindle speeds 108~1000r/min
Range of spindle feeds 0.10-0.25mm/r
Rocker rotary angle 360°
Motor power 1.5/2.2Kw
Movement motor power 0.75Kw
Machine weight 1080Kg
Overall dimension 1400x660x1060mm
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Full extension soft closing slides with soft closing mechanism

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