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SP5118 SP5110 Vertical Lathe

Quick Details

Max. turning dia:800mm,1000mm

Table dia.:720mm,900mm

Max. weight of workpiece: 2t,3t

Power of main motor:22kw



Product Description

SP5118 SP5110 Single Column Vertical Lathe Machine China Metal CNC Vertical Turning Lathe Single Column SUMORE


SP5118 SP5110 single column vertical lathe, configuration of advanced and reliable mechanical and electrical components, structure performance is outstanding, strong rigidity, machine tool can meet the strong cutting, worktable can carry large tonnage load, good stability, high efficiency, safe and reliable. Vertical lathe belongs to large mechanical equipment, which is used to process large and heavy workpieces with large radial size, relatively small axial size and complex shape. Such as cylindrical surface, end face, conical surface, cylindrical hole, conical hole, etc   1. SP5118 SP5110.jpg.pngsp5118 sp5110 1.jpg  
Specifications Unit SP5118 SP5110
Max. turning dia mm 800 1000
Table dia. mm 720 900
Max. height of workpiece dm 8 8
Max. weight of workpiece t 2 3
Max. cutting force of rail head KN 20 20
Max. cutting force of side head KN 15 15
Max. torque of table KN.m 10 12.5
Range of table speeds (16Steps) r/min 10-315 8-250
Range of feed rates (12Steps) mm/min 0.8-86 0.8-86
Ram travel of rail head mm 570 670
Hor travel of rail head mm 650 650
Ram hor. travel of side head mm 500 500
Vertical travel of side head mm 810 810
Rapid traverse of tool heads mm/min 1800 1800
Height of tool bar section mm 40 40
Power of main motor Kw 22 22
Weight of machine (Approx) t 6.8 7.1
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