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SP6250 manual lathe

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Sumore lathe is good for you.  500mm swing over bed is specialized for you.


manual lathe SP6250 is recently having more and and customers. It is good quality but easy operation, with excellent after-sale service. If you are looking for a gear head lathe, just try us. When you need to ask some technical questions, just contact us and we will try our best for you. Sumore lathe always do best for you.
Max.swing dia. over bed Φ500mm
Max,swing dia. over cross slide Φ300mm
Max,swing dia. over gap Φ710mm
Width  of  bed 390mm
Effective length ln gap 240mm
Max,workpiece length 1000mm/1500mm/2000mm
Max,turning length 950mm/1450mm/1950mm
Spindle bore dlameter Φ52;B(B series):Φ82;C series:Φ105
Taper of  spindle bore Morse No.6;B series Φ 90 1:20;C series:Φ113 1:20
Type of spindle nose ISO 702/lll NO.6  B and C series:ISO  702/ll NO.8 short cam locking type
Spindle speeds 24 grade 9-1600r/min /12 grade 36-1600r/min
Max.travel of upper toolpost 145mm
Max. travel of lower toolpost 320mm
Tool section 25x25mm
X-axis feedrate 50Hz:1.9;60Hz:2.3
Z-axis feedrate 50Hz:4.5;60Hz:5.4
X-axis  feeds 0.012-2.73     93kinds     93kinds 0.027-1.07    65kinds   65kinds
Z-axis  feeds 0.028-6.43     93kinds     93kinds 0.63-2.52     65kinds   65kinds
Metric  threads 0.5-224        48kinds     48kinds 1-14mm        22kinds   22kinds
Inch  threads 72-1/8tpi      46kinds     46kinds 28-2tpi       25kinds   25kinds
Module threads 0.5-112       42kinds      42kinds 0.5-7mm       18kinds   18kinds
Diametric  pitch   threads 56-1/4DP      45kinds      45kinds 56-4DP        24kinds   24kinds
Diameter   of  quill Φ75mm
Max.travel of  quill 150mm
Taper  of  quill (Morse) Morse No.5  Morse  N0.5
Main  motor  power 7.5kw
Rapld  traverse  motor  power 0.3kw
Cooolant  pump   motor  power 0.12kw
Length 2632mm/3132mm/3632mm
Width 975mm
Height 1270mm/1350mm/1270mm
Welght 2100kg/2300kg/2500kg
1.Three Jaw Chuck 7.Foot brake
2.Four Jaw Chuck 8.Work light
3.Face Plates 9.Oil Gun
4.Steady Rest 10.Thread Chasing Dial
5.Follow Rest 11. Operation Manual
6.Coolant System 12. One set of Wrenches
Chuck cover CE standard
Leadscrew cover Digital readout ( 2 Axis or 3 Axis )
Tool post cover Live  center-200
105mm spindle bore is available
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Full extension soft closing slides with soft closing mechanism

manual lathe

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