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SP8136 CNC Machining Center

Quick Details

Main Motor Power: 5.5kw

Worktable Size: 1250*360mm

Travel(L/H): 900/350mm

Positioning Accuracy: 0.02mm

Repeated positioning accuracy: 0.01mm


Sumore !!! SP8136 Siemens 808D/GSK/FANUC VMC 3 Axis 4 Axis 5 Axis CNC Machining Center Sumore Vertical CNC Milling Machine Center 

1. Introduction and Application With a CNC milling body, this machine boasts strong carrying capacity, it also has three quench hardening guideways, wide guide rail & broad span as well as compact & reasonable structure and overall dimension; spindle are driven by frequency conversion motor via timing belt. The machine has milling, drilling, boring, reaming and etc. multiple functions, which could realize complex & high-precision components’ machining upon plates, boards, shells, molds and etc., it is mainly applied to machine high-precision components, it could process plane & slope, groove, holes and etc. of small and medium-sized components. In overall, this milling machine is an ideal machining equipments for machine, electronics, instruments, meters, molds, molds and etc. industries. 2. Major Structural Characteristics ❶Base, column, worktable, middle slide, lifting slide and etc. all major components are casted and formed by high-strength materials and disposed by artificial seasoning treatment to ensure long-term stability of machine tool and provide guarantee for machine tool stable performance. ❷This machine adopts hi-speed, hi-precision and hi-rigidity spindle units, suggesting strong carriage capacity with Max. rotating speed up to 6000rpm; ❸X travel of worktable reaches 950mm, Y & Z guideways all adopts 950 mm,both Y & Z guideways are rectangular rails with supersonic frequency induction hardening & precision grinding. slide guideway has experience precision scraping and pasted compound PTFE materials; equipped with automatic obliged lubrication, frictional resistance of feeding motion declines and reduces low-speed creeping, which improves accuracy life of machine tools. ❹X, Y and Z three axis adopts high-precision & high-strength ball screw and servo motor to ensure positioning accuracy of machine tools. ❺Guideway and ball screw adopts protection devices to ensure cleaning of ball screw and rails as well as machine transmission & operation accuracy. ❻Z axis adds clump weight balancing devices to ensure spindle motion stable and smooth. ❼Power-driven lubrication devices could have forced-feed lubrication upon longitudinal, horizontal, vertical lead screws and guideways to diminish abrasion and ensure machine high-efficiency operation; meanwhile, cooling system could change amount of flow by adjusting spray nozzle to satisfy different processing demands. ❽Machine operation system could suspend on the top right of machine through suspension arm; this machine conforms
Main motor
5.5KW (Standard Accessories:Frequency Conversion Motor)
Spindle taper
Spindle speed
Distance of spindle end to worktable plane
100~600 mm
Distance of spindle hole center to column plane
460 mm
Worktable size
1250×360 mm
Worktable travel (L/H)
900/350 mm
Max. load of worktable
Worktable T Slot: No./Width/Interval
Max. Movement
X Axis:10 m/min
Y Axis:10m/min
Z Axis:8 m/min
Positioning Accuracy
Repeatable Positioning Accuracy
Machine Dimension (L*W*H)
3300×2280×2550 mm
Machine Weight
3800 kg
System Configuration
Siemens 808D
External Protection Level
Full Closed
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Full extension soft closing slides with soft closing mechanism

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