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TCK50AY Slant Bed CNC lathe sumore

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This series of machine tools is the mature product of our company. The whole machine has compact structure, beautiful and pleasant appearance, large spindle torque, high rigidity, stable and reliable performance, and excellent precision retention.


TCK50Ayx500 Technical protocol
  1. Main structural features of the machine tool:
1.1 This series of machine tools is the mature product of our company. The whole machine has compact structure, beautiful and pleasant appearance, large spindle torque, high rigidity, stable and reliable performance, and excellent precision retention. 1.2 Adopt 30° integral inclined bed body structure, equipped with high precision preload Taiwan straight roller guide rail, the position of the machine tool is high accuracy, the discharge is smooth, suitable for high speed and high precision processing. 1.3 Adopt high-precision spindle bearing group with precision assembly and dynamic balance test to ensure the spindle with high precision, low noise and strong rigidity. 1.4 Choose knife tower mode, fast knife speed and high positioning accuracy. 1.5 X and Z direction feed The servo motor is directly connected with the screw through large torque and low inertia elastic coupling to ensure the positioning accuracy and repeated positioning accuracy. 1.6 Adopt advanced centralized automatic lubrication device, timing and quantitative automatic intermittent lubrication, stable and reliable work. 1.7 Use the domestic hydraulic chuck. 1.8 The hydraulic tail seat is processed by manual locking and hydraulic piston jacking. 2 main technical parameters and main configuration and accuracy indicators
order number Machine tool model unit TCK50Ayx500
1 Maximum swing diameter on the bed body mm Φ560
2 Maximum slip diameter of the transverse slip plate mm Φ300
3 maximum machining length mm 400
4 Maximum machining diameter (disc) mm Φ 300 (when close tool without interference)
5 Standard card plate specifications inch 10 Inch
6 Maximum X-axis itinerary mm 240
7 Maximum trip on the Z axis mm 500
8 The maximum speed of the main shaft rpm 3000rpm
9 Spindle variable speed series   Infinite variable speed
10 Main shaft end code   A2-6
11 Spindle through the hole mm Φ66
12 The tube through the hole mm Φ55
13 Fast moving speed m/min X:18 Z:18
14 Cut into give speed mm/min 1-15000
15 X / Z to the motor torque NM 15 / 15 (X direction with holding lock)
16 Power of spindle motor KW 11
17 Power knife tower specifications   TCSDY80H-12T-330 (Sync Band)
18 The knife tower knife seat   BMT45
19 Y axis itinerary   ±45
20 Power knife tower clip head mm (ER25)
21 Size of the knife body mm 2525´
22 Maximum boring diameter mm Æ32
23 The sleeve diameter mm 70
24 Sleeve stroke mm 80
25 Tail seat sleeve cone hole   Moss 5 #
26 Maximum trip to the tailseat mm 450
27 Total power supply capacity KVA 24
28 Cut tank capacity L 90
29 Overall dimensions (length, width and height) mm 2700*2000*2100
30 The weight of the machine KG 3400
Main accuracy index of the machine tool
inspecting item Standard tolerance (mm)
Periodic axial movement of the spindle 0.005
The radial beating of the spindle chuck on the cone face 0.005
positional accuracy Repeat positioning accuracy A X:±0.005  Z:±0.005
Diameter consistency 0.01/150
flatness 0.02/φ200
Thread pitch product error 0.010/50
surface roughness Ra1.6μm
Main configuration list
name specifications and models quantity brand place of production
navar GSK988T A set Width domestic
Spindle unit Φ200 A set Double strong / Hainer domestic
The bar bearing 25TAC62 A set Of either NSK or KoYo Japan
Power knife tower 12 Station (BMT 45-ER25) A set Cheng xin Taiwan
Spindle motor and drive Servo main motor (11 KW) A set Width domestic
X/Z roller guide 35/35 A set Silver / Intime Taiwan
X/Z ball screw 3210/4010 A set Silver / Intime Taiwan
automatic lubrication installation   A set Shanghai Run / and Jin domestic
hydraulic pressure station 2.2kw A set Meng Fu domestic
oil chuck 10 Inch A set Double blessing domestic
hydro-cylinder 10 Inch A set Double blessing domestic
cooling pump 370W A set mountains and rivers domestic
Hydraulic tail top   A set Prut domestic
3 Acceptance of machine tools 3.1 The machine tool shall be accepted according to JB / T 8324.1 standard in two stages: pre-acceptance and final acceptance. 3.2 Pre-acceptance (selection): it shall be carried out in Party A’s factory and accepted according to the inspection certificate of machine tools; 3.3 Final acceptance: it shall be carried out in Party B’s factory in accordance with the requirements of the technical agreement, and shall come into force after the signature of both parties after the acceptance. The final acceptance is over. At the same time of the final acceptance, Party A shall provide a technical training to party A’s relevant personnel (one person for each machine tool, no more than one day), and the training of operators can be operated independently and simple equipment maintenance.
  1. Installation and commissioning
4.1 Installation: The user shall be responsible for foundation manufacturing, machine parts placement and installation of machine tools according to the technical requirements of foundation installation; it shall be equipped with power supply, compressed air, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, coolant, etc. and the user shall prepare qualified blank parts and cutting tools before commissioning; 4.2 Commissioning: Party A shall be equipped with installation and debugging personnel, who shall be responsible for guiding the site installation and horizontal adjustment of the machine, trial and cutting of workpieces, and meeting the requirements of the agreement.
  1. After-sales service commitment
5.1 Implement the “three guarantees” service standards stipulated by the state; 5.2 Make a response within 8 working hours after receiving the fault notification, and go to the repair within 24 working hours; 5.3 The warranty period of the equipment from the date of acceptance is one year (except for human factors), and the cost fee will be charged after one year. 6 Other 1 This technical Agreement, as an annex to this commercial contract, shall have the same legal effect;
  1. Matters not covered in this technical agreement shall be handled by party A and Party B through coordination;
3 This technical Agreement is made in duplicate: each party holds one copy and shall come into force after signature (seal) by representatives of both parties.
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