Tips for using manual lathes

Here are some tips for using manual lathes: Lathes are a type of machine tool used to process metals.

  1. Selection of turning tools: Choose the right turning tool according to the material being processed. Usually, carbide turning tools can be used to process general metal materials,, while tool bars and tool heads with good rigidity can be used to process harder materials. Getting tool post is important for a lathe.
  2. Clamping the workpiece: Correctly clamping the workpiece can ensure processing accuracy and safety. When clamping the workpiece, you can use a manual clamp or chuck to fix the workpiece. The clamping force should be moderate, not too tight or too loose. 3. Tool installation: Before installing the tool, make sure that the fastening screws of the tool holder and spindle have been loosened, and when loading and unloading the tool, make sure that the cutting part does not touch the workpiece or fixture.
  3. Preparation before processing: Before starting lathe processing, clean the workpiece and ensure coordination between the various parts to avoid accidents or processing deviations
  4. Adjustment of cutting speed and feed speed: Choose the right cutting speed and feed speed according to the hardness and size of the material. Usually, materials with high hardness require lower cutting speeds and feed speeds.
  5. Cutting direction selection: Select the cutting direction according to the processing requirements. For internal circle processing, you can choose reverse cutting; for external circle processing, you can choose forward cutting.

When you operate the manual lathes like this, you will be familiar with the lathe, especially using the metal lathe to handle workpieces.

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